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Ghost Hunting Tours

Come on a Ghost Hunt with Us! We will take you on a tour of the location to learn about the hotspots, teach you about paranormal investigation equipment, and also do your own ghost hunting investigation!

Immerse yourself into the experience with a seasoned paranormal team! We will be there to help you with anything paranormal related! We stay with you all night long!

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Learn to Investigate

Join a ghost hunting tour and learn how to use investigation equipment and new techniques. Feel free to bring your own equipment to capture evidence of the paranormal.

Learn to Investigate

Ghost Hunting 101 and Tours is a group from Ohio with an empath psychic medium and other helpful investigators. We will take you on a tour of the location to learn about its history, hotspots, and how to set up equipment. Join a group or venture into an area alone to conduct your own investigation. Our team is experienced and will be there to guide you throughout the tour or help you with any paranormal questions.

We will investigate homes, businesses, schools, and any place where there are reports of paranormal activity. Our team has been featured on podcasts and television productions investigating various phenomena. We can teach you how to protect yourself during and after investigations so you don’t have hitchhikers. Join us on tour and see if you can go from skeptic to believer.

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Explore Our Evidence

One thing remains the same whether reviewing evidence or capturing an anomaly on camera. Turn up the volume! Disembodied voices are common to experience during investigations. When you hear spirit voices, they are often quiet and sound distant or like a whisper. We employ playful techniques to encourage communication with spirits. Joking around with equipment, playing games, or telling jokes can sometimes help capture EVPs. Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are voices captured on recording equipment, often responding to questions from investigators. Check out our evidence and see if you can tell what they are saying, and remember to turn up the volume.

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